Monday, March 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, June 2012.}

Dear Wives and Mothers,

A few days ago you girls were asking me about my
house that just got remodeled ..Well we have a ways to go yet,,But i am so
very thankful to have done what is done so far..Yaaay!!!Well this house was
gotten by faith,,The Lord had spoken to me to get a house.,,to buy a house
in 1973..i was 26 yrs old and pregnant..i was up a creek without a
paddle..What else is new ? i had no money except a welfare check of 150
bucks..Jim and i had separated..i didnt even know where he was..But the
Lord spoke to me as i laid in bed too depressed to even get up,,He told me
that my marriage wud be healed,.And that i wud be buying a house..with my
150 bucks..Well i got up and got dressed and started cleaning the house and
getting ready ...Well Jim came home in a few days and i told him the Lord
had told me that we were going to buy a house..So Jim and i went for a
walk..and we found this house..i had told the Lord i wud know what house to
get because it wud have a cooking stove in it and a dryer...So we walked
about 6 blocks and we came to this house i am in now..We liked the house
,,We looked in the window and it had a dryer in it and a stove..So we got
ahold of the Realtor who was selling it and ask how much we had to put
down on it ? and he said 150 bucks..i didnt have to pay this for a few that time Jim got a job and we were back on the road..In a few
weeks then we got our house..We paid 150 bucks down and that paid the house
payment and taxes and insurance..The man who owned the house never made a
dime on it..He had never lived here ,,He bot this house when he was
drunk..He cudnt sell it as it needed alot of work..He didnt want to keep it
another winter and pay the high fuel bills..So he did practically give it
to us..That next yr houses went up to twice the amount..So the house cost
us 12 thousand and over nite went up to $24,000..The cooking stove i saw
thru the window worked for the next 30 yrs or more..The dryer they told us
didnt work and they were going to haul it out..But it did work for the
next 8 yrs..And now we have lived in this $12,000 home for almost 40
yrs..Jim paid it off and now in my widowhood i live here with no rent to
pay..All of my children grew up in this house..We have had many happy days
here..Love connie

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