Monday, May 12, 2014

Come Back to the Old Ways

Dear Mothers,

a few days ago i went to the grocery store...i was tired and felt discouraged..i felt nervous and tight  - as a wad of tired, old, hard gum - that had lost its flavor.."Ya cant chew it, and you may as well spit it out.." As i walked along with my cart the Lord spoke to my heart.He said "Connie come back to the old ways." i thot of "Crowned with Silver"...Oh how we loved this magazine,...It was so old fashioned..And they wrote an article about Coming back to the ancients.i have been reading my concordance this morning about the Ancients ...They were the old men of wisdom.."Coming back to Wisdom? " That sounded good to me...Job 12;12 with the ancient is Wisdom ..and in length of days..understanding....As the Lord spoke to my heart i felt like a Spirit being covered with a shadow of holiness and protection..i felt like a boundary line was around me,,,a border of protection,,The Word speaks of the border of the widow..A heavy veil seemed to be
dropped upon me....The hard tightness left my being my body i felt normal again,,,i felt free again,,..Oh the world trips us,,and strangles the Word right out of us sometimes..we fight or we run from it...But we can only run a while or escape it for a while....Some how this morning i know that God is the only one who can rescue us..We are as dead ducks any other way...He died for us...not because we deserved Him dying for us..He just saw how much we needed him..He has given us free GRACE and MERCY......We cant get this GRACE and Mercy for free..or on our own,,But He gives it to us..i think every now and again he sees lost utterly forsaken of the world...And His compassion gathers me up and He shadows me with His wings,...He is acquainted with grief...He is acquainted with your touches His heart..Let Him shadow you with His love and Grace and Mercy....and receive His veil of comfort and peace,,,He loves you  ,,,receive  Him now as Savior from Hell..and forgiver of our sins,,,love connie
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Anonymous said...

.He died for us...not because we deserved Him dying for us..He just saw how much we needed him..

really spoke to me


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