Saturday, May 31, 2014

Come out From Among Them (We Need Strong Marriages)

Part 1 (Come out from Among Them)

Dear Wives and Mothers, The Lord has been laying things on my heart lately..Its simple things..things you all probably know...the Lord is calling us out from among them..He is calling the broken hearted who have been living in suffering for years..He is calling you from your Wilderness and into His LIGHT..He calls you out alone..He is speaking to you alone..As i have said many times on here.."The virtuous women in Christiandom dont run in flocks..The true women of God always stand alone."Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above RUBIES" Yes maybe she goes to church...But she draws her strength from God alone..When Mary the Mother of Jesus got the message from the angel she didnt ask the deacons if they thot this was really God speaking..Mary knew it was the time for Jesus to come and that He wud come through a Virgin..Mary was a Mother of prayer and she was a visionary..she was expecting to hear news about Jesus..When the angel said that Mary was pregnant with the son of God ..she believed him..It sounded right to her..And Mary hid away and went to see her cousin Elisabeth..This world is so full of sin.The Lord can do miracles...but not in an atmosphere of sin and unbelief...And yes we love our Christian friends..But our spiritual strength comes only from the Lord..

Part 2  (Spiritual Wilderness)

Many of you wives and mothers live in the Spiritual Wilderness that i write about. You get a message from the Lord asking you to do something that you dont see anyone else doing at church..!!! But the Lord is asking you to come out from among them..and walk by faith and not by sight..You may be the only one in the world who wud listen and understand what God is saying to you..If you dont listen and do His will..who will..?? When i was 23 yrs old and deserted by my husband..the Lord told me to believe God for a miracle...The church i was going to said to me.."Connie take off your rose colored glasses and look at reality..Jim will never change..Dont you understand Connie..."Jim will never change..Well i heard from the Lord..sorry folks..I told my friends this...i said that the Lord had spoken to me...i know it was God who spoke to me..i said it was as if i heard it on the was plain to me..But it wasnt plain to anyone else..Then i met an older woman in the neighborhood..Her name was Clara..She was in her 50s and she had a husband who was also wayward..She said to me.."Connie you just keep doin what you are doin..and Jim will see he has a good woman..and he will come home some day and he will never leave again..And Clara and i were good friends for life...She died a few months her 90s...i miss her now..But yes she went to church..and loved it but she had a place in God that was just between her and the Lord..She hid away unto Him..And her husband came to the Lord thru her prayers....She was a witness for Christ all of her life..when she died her family saw that in her papers she had copied the whole Bible ..She wrote it all out in her own hand writing..This was how she studied it.

Part 3 (It only takes a Spark to get a Fire Going)

Oh where wud we be had God not called Abraham out ALONE..? or Sarah our Mother of Faith...? These saints were followers of Christ alone...They were visionaries who saw with the EYES of their understanding..We have spiritual eyes and physical eyes..When we see the angels and we feel the supernatural then we feel it thru our spirits...We at times as we pray we hear into the Heavenlies sounds like singing and praying..and music of all kinds..Sometimes in my sleep i hear Heaven,,its so close touches me...i often feel the presence of the cloud of witnesses..i hear them cheering me on..Clapping and singing ...".Its not that far Connie you can make it..Yur doin good..Just a few hrs left to go"!!! But i just wanted to tell you ladies this..That the Lord will be calling you...and when He does He will call you out alone into a place where He is Lord and King of ALL..And thats where the MIRACLES are..i just wanted to let you know..this is where the miracles are...I hear from so many of you who have read my testimony in Above Rubies.. You say to me that i have helped you,,,,,,Or that my testimony meant so much to you....Well arnt you glad i didnt listen to the trash in the street but i listened to the true voice of the living Christ..? You cud be that someone who will walk alone on that path of faith to save someone elses family..

Part 4  (Where are The Helpers?)

i see you girls with the eyes of my Understanding...i see you as helpers to our men in this age..Tv acts like if a man makes a mistake he is as good as dead.......But God sent them helpers..where is she ? She has everything she needs to speak to her husband about Jesus...But the world tells her she dont need that husband of hers,,she needs a new one.It doesnt matter what the Bible says about the almighty Maker hating divorce.Nope her husband was worse then anyone elses..So sad that the wives dont realise that God almighty had a great plan for her family..You will never find a man who will love you as a man who you have forgivin,,,,i have always heard that an animal that you rescue is different then one who you get when they are a puppy..or kitten."Chance" my cat was like that..we rescued him..And he was so different..then any other animals we had....He who has been forgiven much loves much..Oh yes i will forever have to listen to the sad stories about " i did it all right but my husband didnt change"..well if he is a child molester or whatever then even i wud probably divorce him too..But the truth is most of these men are not molesters...They are men who simply made a few too many mistakes..and rubbed all the wives relatives wrong....

Part 5  (So this is What sticks in My Craw)

These men that women are tossing out are our soldiers of tomorrow..The white straight guy is the one with the least rights..The married white guy with kids is really black balled...And these men on tv are the biggest idiot babies i ever did see...i mean they are bad enuf without being rejected by the opposite sex..Talk about castrating our men? ..But the Bible says we are to honor our husbands and reverence and praise them..Why because they are dying without us..They need us..They need us more then anyone else..And these men are Americans.. How can these men be treated like this..? With no thot most of the time to the wife and how she is making a girl out of him..Its the yr of the woman let me tell you..And she gets all the help and then brags about it and holds it over her husbands head..Lord help us and please forgive our country..And please let the good men arise..and take their place as heads of households...i cant hack Dr Phil and all that philosophy...

Part 6  (Marriage made for Heaven)

Ya know if all the wives who caught their husbands in adultery divorced them in our country ...then almost no one wud be married...God is calling some strong women front and center..Not the every day woman but some women who are real Ass Kickers..I mean these women are gonna hang on for dear life and not let go..It becomes no longer the worldly love that keeps them hangin on becomes "Women with Gods own Heart"..Women out of the Spiritual Wilderness...You have been hangin on dear Heart..But your hanging onto your husband and not onto God...To be called to this place in God is such an honor..and its where you and your husband will both be set free...its a place of wilderness and fruitlessness...a Desert place...Its the Place you seek Gods heart ..Its a place to commit yourself to the truth of His Word...Its where the Word of God is exalted more then the Romantic Love ..In this desert place of your heart the Rose of Sharon will bloom..The pure white Rose with the crimson stain..A Place of suffering to let go of your dreams for the perfect family and marriage..You arise out of a place of poverty and into the supernatural where you are the queen dressed in gowns of Rubies and Gold.The Wisdom of God is your crown and Glory..and your dear husband will come to reign with you as King and Lord over you in this kingdom especially built for you and your connie

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Anonymous said...

He calls you out alone..He is speaking to you alone..As i have said many times on here.."The virtuous women in Christiandom dont run in flocks..The true women of God always stand alone.

I so needed to hear this today..thank you! I've been wondering why I feel so alone in my walk with God when others seem to have a million Christian friends and I just don't seem to fit but God has been a refuge and strength to me. Thanks for sharing x


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