Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Divorce and Remarriage

Mornin Ladies.. i started looking up some things on the Titus 2 mom...i know the Internet has some writings about this woman of mystery..But what reallly boils my bones is all the divorces going on in the church..Cant you just see John the Baptist going into these churches and yelling at everyone like he did in the Bible..Telling them what divorce is and adultry..? I was thinking of Mary Prides books lately..I think it was in "The Way Home" book that she told Christian wives that we shud love our husbands more not less when they come home drunk etc..Well really Lady you married him..he is your husband ..Dont ya think God has a plan of VICTORY for you..? We fight spiritual battles to win and God is  greater in us then he who is in the world..And No i am not trying to put anyone down who is divorced..But to me so many excuses are made for the divorced woman and it makes the woman who stood for her marriage look like nin-com-Poop..A few nites ago my friend stopped by,.i will call her Rose..This woman has suffered like a dog...and finalllly her husband has really come to the Lord after about 30 yrs of prayin..I hadnt seen Rose in about a half a i tell her that all of our friends are doing good...I dont want to gossip so i tell the best of each one of them..All of my friends are divorced and remarried..And thats ok with me..But Rose looked at me with such bitterness..She has been forgiving her husband year after yr..and FINALLY he comes to the Lord..When Rose left to go home..i hugged her..and i whispered in her ear "I am proud of you Rose"...and i am soooo proud of connie

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