Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fallen and Can't Get Up

Dont ya love that ad on tv.."I've fallen and i cant get up?"  Then the older daughter comes running into the bath room and an old person is hanging on to the tub screaming her head  off as if she was going down the drain..i forget now what  this is spose to scare us to death to do what? i  forgot..But i think this woman is NOT our example ? She went thru the Depression or other hard times in our country and this is what became of her...she will slip out of sight and go down the drain,,The new ad is "I have fallen ,,i have fallen,," And the announcer says.."And half of the people who have fallen cant get up"..!!! Well what a message for all of  us to start our day .Those old people owe us an  apology...They are to help put steel in our spines ,,and  cause us to stand up straight and be a proud American....  The Victory Gardens our fore mothers made to keep their  families goin..??Well where are they? Nancy Campbell is my example..!!!!She is what all of us shud be like...Jill my friend....can plant a garden like you wudnt believe..And Emily watches every move Jill makes.....What a Titus 2
 mother Jill is..Dixie was Emilys mom...Dixie died about 10 yrs ago..And Emily fits tight under Jills and my wings,,I have been sick for a while but i wont give up..And all of my friends seem to not let me go..i will buy my tomato plants  today..i will plant them tomorrow..slowly but surely i will
make it...Jill planted and Em helped her plant my  perennial garden,,Rhubarb and strawberries...garlic and flowers....raspberries too..What a fun summer i will have.  .Someone ..hopefully Toot will come and take pictures for  you all to see my gardens......i started out with a small  garden,,,But of course it gets bigger and i  go...Well we gotta get up even if we dont feel like  it..There are books to write and plants to plant and to harvest.We must go on as examples of righteousness in a  fallen and  broken generation,We are also a chosen generation,..God is watching over us ..and He will be praised..If we dont praise Him then the rocks will praise Him..If we dont go to do what  He wants He will find someone else..Here am i Lord send connie

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Anonymous said...

Then the older daughter comes running into the bath room and an old person is hanging on to the tub screaming her head off as if she was going down the drain..

hahahah that really made laugh right out loud:)


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