Monday, May 19, 2014

The Lord Brought My Husband Home

Good Morning Ladies, Wow about every day i wake up to emails of women whose husband just left them..What is the deal?i think its just a test .."TESTING 1-2-3" Step right up ladies who is next to bite the dust..? Who  is next to swallow the lie..? And who will bite a bullet  and hang in there ...? Lately i have been watching CowBoy  Shows on TV...i dont have cable..i have antenna TV..But i watch Gun Smoke if it isnt too violent..Or i watch Bonanza..My favorite is Rifle man..i love how Lucus always protects his lil boy Mark..But ya know what do the old cowboys do when they are pinned in and have no way out? Well they hold up in their hide out ..they take it easy..But usually there is always one bandit that starts to get nervous ..and scared of his shadow.He screams "I can't take it anymore"!!!! and he runs out the front door and gets shot ..BANG !!!!! right in the belly..The other bandits hang in there and wont give up...they hang tight until they see a clear space to jump on their horse and ride into the woods..Satan is after us right now..He wants us to jump and run..He wants to get us out of control and desperate..Times are hard but i think we are harder..Many of you women are already thru the worst of your trials...The husband has left already..But you can pray him home..i prayed Jim home many times until the Lord got ahold of him and showed my husband wisdom.For the first 12 yrs of our marriage he left over 30 times..It was hard..but like hard labor pains in child birth... it only lasted a while...Dont be weary in well doing for you will reap a HARVEST if you dont give up..Love connie...

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