Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Edgy Housewives

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, February, 2010.}

Part 1 Starving Artists

And oh mercy we were poor when we raised our kids,,But God has a sense of humor..Sis called yesterday,,"Mom i will be on the cover of a NYC magazine for being the most creative dresser in NY," then she says "Nothing has changed ,,i still buy all my clothes at the Salvation Army"..Sis says she has been poor lately ,,but she says "I love being poor it makes me more creative,," Sis says "I love it Mom" i said i loved it too,,i always tell her that starving artists always do the best work,,Ya know they HAVE to create,,or starve,,No i dont always agree with my girl..or she with me,,i use her nick name "Sis" on here as she is quite the girl in NY,,Tiff had told me about the magazine on Wed when i visited Davids family,,i was waiting for Sissy Joy to call me and tell me herself,,,"Well i tried to call you MOm but the line was busy"..NO one ever calls me unless i am in the bath tub,,usually,,Anyway i was a starving artist too as a mother of 6 children..And most of we moms who homeschool on one income are starving artists,,But its an adventure,,Sissy says "Money gets in an artists way"..And she says "Never create anything for stops the flow of your imagination",,D.I.Y "Do it yourself" is the word on the NYC street,,Well thats good ,,i guess i am"IN" for now..Sissy says her and her husband eat better when they are out of money,,She said "We eat healthier"..They eat alot of fresh vegetables and fruit and loads of beans for protein,,And rice and almost no meat but chicken and fish occasionally..No dairy products,,But ya know what my theory on all of this is,,? Eat at home and make everything from scratch,,Pray over it and tell the Lord "Hey this is the best i can come up with today,,please bless it"..But ya know you can buy a ton of dried beans and rice for almost nothing,,And their is alot of protein in a bag of dried beans,i am cutting out the sugar and soda ,,for starters,,

Part 2  Edgy Housewives

But lets see ourselves as artists,,Lets get an edge and wear what we want as wives and mothers,,This winter i have barely worn my skirts,,Its been so cold,, i do long for my long skirts and my head coverings i bot lately at the Salvation Army,,Mothers used to wear their aprons all day,,And if they had to go some place they put their coats on over their aprons and dress,,And women used to put snow pants on under their skirts if they had to go out to feed the chickens or in my case to shovel the walk,,My hair at 62 is still long,,i kept thinking each morning,,"Well one of these days i will have to cut it,,and be old"..But God reminded me that all the old-fashioned mothers used to have long hair,,And they put it up in a bun on their heads,,Aunt Toot tells loving stories about her Grandma Bible,,Tootie wud spend the nite at her house as a young girl,And Gram Bible wud brush and braid her own long hair before bed,Toot said she loved watching her Gram brush her long gray hair and braid it,,How comforting for a child to see,,When i was a girl we were told to brush our hair each day a 100 strokes to keep it healthy,,,And we used a vinegar rinse on it,,to get all the soap out..Tiff has long hair and she says "I am never cutting it again"..i tell her i love my long hair too..Tiff says its her security blanket..Often women with long hair say it is their covering,,But lets see ourselves as Sisters of a New Revolution,,Women with an edge and a cause,,"Housewives and Proud of it"..Lets get a lil cheeky and snappy and be proud to be starving artists with a cause hu? Lets be humble and polite but lets show our creative edge ..Lets be quiet submissive wives with an edge like steel..Rebels of this worlds religion,,Lets be more afraid of what God thinks of us then what the world thinks,,What does our husbands think of us ? and our children,,? What is their report? love connie

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Fight of Free Thinking Christian Mothers

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, February, 2010.}

Part 1  Free Thinkers

Ya know the feminist thinks she is the free thinker and can do better then a man,,The true Biblical woman of God submits to one man,,her husband,,The feminist submits to her boss at work and many other men in authortiy ..She allows a man who isnt her husband to run her life,,often her boss,,What she is doing is building another man or woman's kingdom instead of her own family's..The married wife at home can teach her own children her faith and values,,She has time to pray her little handmaidens and Samuels into the Kingdom of God..And i know some women have to work,,But the push for success shud be "How can i stay home with my children"? and not "How can i get a better raise at work"?

 The true radical thinker ,,the free thinker is the beloved housewife,,She is as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove,..And if her husband is given to fits of anger,,? She is wise enuf not to react in front of the children,,She never brings fear to the camp as the strange woman does..The feminist wants to bring the house down because someone hurt her feelings,,But the wise woman remains silent in front of her accusers,,she has little ones who are watching,,She has taught them to be peace makers,,Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God..

In this age ,,in this Me generation,,we forget even what it means to be a true woman of God..We think a woman of God is one who knows how to forget the family and go to church,,And if we say anything against the C.F. movement then we are supposedly bringing decention to the body of Christ,,Well for starters every church isnt just made up of one body of Christ,,The body of Christ is scattered all over the world..and in Heaven,,No one church can make up the whole body,,And John the Baptist wasnt exactly part of the church,,He was raised in the wilderness prolly by his mother,,As his father the priest was into a bunch of religion and not the true spirit of God..Mary Jesus mother wasnt all that popular at church either,,Elisha killed off 100s of false prophets,,There were very few true prophets of God..One of the ways i judge a prophet in this day is if he begs for money,,If he does i wont listen to him..he is off my list,,If he trys to hoodwink the believer that really ticks me off,,Like if you dont tithe you wont get healed,,i give my money to the poor..i have been healed many times and i never paid anyone for the healing,,never once,,And i have seen many prayers answered but havent darkened the door of a church in months,,i write all of this because i see so many hurting mothers who are so oppressed by the worldly church,,They are depressed and despondant,,Not to mention confused,,

Part 2  The True Christ

The true woman of God gets up in the morning and prays ,,"Lord, please help
me to submit to my husband and to be an example to my children..Help me to
look well to the ways of my household..Help me to mind my own buisness and
to keep my mind on the Lord."

 Then you go to Wed prayer meeting where keeping your mind on the Lord means go to Women's Bible Studies all week,,And Jez tells ya, "Well we have to put the Lord first and do His will and not our own"..Or "Cant your kids do without you for one day while you get filled up
with the Lord"? So in other words, Lady, spending my morning with you tellin
me a load of crap is gonna some how make me a better Christian ?

 i remember this one lady always grabbin me at the store,,"Connie please honor the Lord
and come to church?" i wud smile and be polite..Another woman right after
Jim died said ,,"Well now atleast you can go to church." Thinking i didnt go
because Jim made me stay home,,But this is the deal ,,You may think i am
awful for sayin all of this,,But Elisha murdered hundreds of false prophets
..Very few were true prophets,,,A church is a place where as few as 2 are gathered in His name,,Lately i am so aware of the true believers in my midst,,MaryL was such a true believer,,When you were around her, you thot you cud do anything for God..Nothing is impossible
with God,.And she taught me to love,,No it doesnt sound like i love
Christians from reading this,,But i love the true believers,,And i fight
against the devil who is the killer of the true Christian's spirit..Religion
kills and the True Spirit of Christ makes us come alive..

Part 3  The Fight of Faith

And i had a heck of a time raiseing 6 children..i homeschooled 4 of them and
had the school board taking up my time for almost a yr,And other things too
concerning homeschool..i had religious folks laying bondage on me,,Jim and i
were trying to build a marriage after unreal circumstances,,i was trying to
raise my kids for the Lord and my relatives were croakin at me about "When
will you ever make something of yourself"? and "YOU ARENT PREGNANT AGAIN ARE
YOU"? And as always i had the poor at my door needing me for some kind of
comfort,,i always ministered to people no matter what,,

Then every few months Jim let me use the car for the afternoon and i wud sneek down a country road
without my license and get filled up with the Lord at Dixies house,,And she
barely let me in ..she said i had demons of C.F. and i spose i did,,But she
rebuked them before i got in her house,,It felt so good,,i wud say "Do that
again"..i wasnt insulted,,It wasnt like i wanted to keep my demons,,Dixie
wud say "Connie are you believein for a farm"? you need to get out of that
city"..Dixie was always prayin for a snow storm so no one wud come to her
house,,She wud tell me.."Those church women were here again tryin to get me
to church"..Folks wud burn roads of fire to our houses tryin to get us to
church,,If i hadnt been atleast a free thinker i wud have never made it,,i
honestly never wud have made it to any kind of sanity,,Because ya know the
women coming into the church are taught mainly one thing first,,"Go to
church and tithe"..Most of them dont know about being a keeper at home,So
they see the mother at home who is dedicated to teaching her children the
Word,,and they think the mother is in sin,,

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Field of Dreams

Dear Mothers, ya know when i told you about the cornfield i have in the backyard? Well the corn is about up to my waist..some is taller..It looks so good..but it hasnt rained in about 6 days..But i have watered once,,,It shud rain tonite..Anyway the Lord keeps reminding me "If you build it they will come,,," I said to the Lord "Who is "THEY" Lord..???i was looking at the cornfield...And Jesus whispered .."Your children"..Well later on i told Mary about what Jesus said...And she said "Mom i was thinking how neat it would be to keep the house in the family and use it as a place us kids can all come to for the holidays etc..She meant when i pass away...and move to Heaven...Because all of my children are all in different states...and Jimmy lives in Australia...But this old house can call them home as always...

My grand children will be able to play in the Magnolia tree as my children did..Little Mary knew all the names of the herbs and flowers in our yard..when she was only about 5 yrs old...Most of our kids love gardening,,they wud love to keep up with things here...i love this old house..Oh if the walls cud talk..i bet Mary will write and Christiane Joy too about the old time fun we had here..What a joy my children are to me..They arent perfect ...well we know that,But ya know Papa thot they never did anything wrong..Oh how our hearts ache right now as we miss David ...But he will always be in our hearts..i tell my kids "Take care of yourselves..i cudnt stand to lose any more of my family..".Yes my cornfield is a Field of Dreams...As i keep building on to this house i show my children how to dream and believe God for connie

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Crying out for the Older Titus 2 Mother

Part 1  My Life

This morning i walked slowly out to my garden. . .my cornfield...i feel so tired inside.  i feel like an old woman now. When i was a young woman. . i cried continually for the older woman to teach me . . to help me ..i was a young stay at home mom on welfare. . My husband was gone most of the time. . i cried out to the older woman to comfort me . . i had no one. . And i finally at 50 yrs old stopped crying out to the older woman and i became her ...i became the older Titus 2 mother. . i am 67 yrs old now. . So i have been writing now to the younger stay at home mom for 27 yrs..

Part 2   Partakers of Christ

A few days ago i got an email from a missionary in some country i never heard of..i accidentally deleted it. .{Nice goin connie}...This man really encouraged me. . He said .."Connie please dont ever give up your writings". . He said "Keep writing across your nation and in my country"..It must have been from someone who gets Nancy's magazine "Above Rubies"...i feel as i write this.... a very grave feeling..Like its a time to really get right with God..Our dear America...Oh i feel such a mourning in my heart for our great Nation. . i cry out to God for courage. . For supernatural courage...i for one feel empty and lost after losing David...Johnnys family then came back for the 4th. . John made me laugh. . The grandchildren made me laugh too..But John is very sorrowful about David..we all are..We miss him now but will miss him more as time goes on. . i ask the Lord "How will i go on?".i guess i will find out hu? Jesus is real in every situation. . and he is our answer to every heartache..All is well and all is good and things are moving as they shud..The Lord is still on His throne. . and by faith it is well with my connie

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Vengeance is the Lords (Judging Others)

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, June, 2014.}

Dear Wives and Mothers , Thank you for all the prayers and cards .Oh My mercy ! Ya know so often we want to lash back at people who hurt us ..But we have to wait on the Lord for Him and His judgement..Lately i had a person judge me for being seen with a known prostitute...Well when this man judged me i didnt try to stand up for myself..This was about a yr ago..But on the day of Davids memorial this man said to me.."i really misjudged you..So many have told me today that you are a wonderful person.. .They said that you have touched their lives in some way"..I am learning so much lately about how we need to let God fight our battles..and that He is the true connie

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Good Morning Mothers

Part 1  Good Morning Mothers

Its a bright sunny day here in Iowa today..Its a new day ..This morning i will be going to my friend Pams house to teach she and her husband to play chess..I have been up early this morning praying and writing..i think it is time to rebuild the walls at the Hultquist Homestead..Weeping lasts for the nite but JOY comes in the morning...i am thankful today to be a homemaker and mother..i know that "All of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace"..i spent alot of time with David in homeschool..i know that he knew the Lord..Each school day we started the day with Bible reading ....When i ask questions about what the Bible meant about what we had read he always knew the answers..At the time he was the most spiritual of all of my children..I know now that he is with Jesus in Heaven..I know he is safe with God and His angels..He will never be in another accident as he is with the Lord ..Safe in the arms of our Shepard..Safe in the arms of God..I can rejoice ..All is well..

Part 2   Sewing

When Danny was here he broke his sunglasses..He tried to fix them and couldn't.."Whats a Rock Star without his shades?...Well anyway i was thinking about the children when they were young and how we were always fixing sunglasses in the summer time.This is how i did it..i wud get out my needle and thread and sew the ear pieces back onto the glasses..You just thread the needle thru where the screw is supposed to be..and thread it thru.Do this over and over until the tread is strong enough to hold the ear pieces on.Then at the end tie a knot around it and cut off the stray threads..The children and i sewed alot..We had my Sewing Basket out where it was handy each day..Love Connie

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It is Well with My Soul

Part 1  He is the Truth

Good Morning Ladies,Well i guess the name of the game is to never give up..It doesnt matter who wins the most but who is still standing when the smoke has cleared away..Because it is Jesus who is to be glorified and not us.And as long as we hold our banners high we are not losers...We have glorified and magnified the Truth...Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life..No man or woman comes to God except through Jesus and His finished work at the cross..God doesnt use perfect people to do His work..let me tell ya !!! i am an accident going some place ,,i even scare myself..And some how the Lord uses me...and He will use you too if you let Him.Ask Him to forgive your sins and to come into your heart to be the Lord of your life..

Part 2   John's Firecrackers

i feel so glad to get back to my writings..For you who dont know our dear son David died in a car accident a few weeks ago..i told my friend Jill that i didnt think i wud ever come out of this ..i will never be the same..And she said, "Well you probably never will"..i think i will learn to live with the loss ..but no i will never feel complete without David..John called from Missouri yesterday..he was so he and David were best friends..i had been laying on the couch ..i didnt ever want to get back up..But as i talked to John i felt a spark of life come back in me...The Lord spoke to my heart.."Connie how do you expect the kids to get back up if you dont"?My brother is having us all to dinner at his acerage Friday..for the 4th ."Fire Cracker Day.."i had said i cudnt go..But then i thot "yes i need to go" Johns family will be there and Davids wife and children...My children and grand children cud make me laugh in the middle of a dark  cave...even if we were lost..John especially! ...and i hear he is bringing loads of fire crackers...

Part 3   It is Well with My Soul

Ya know in times like these i think of the man who wrote the old song "It is well with my Soul"..His wife and daughters had gone on a ship for a vacation ..but he cudnt go as he was a business man and had some things he had to do..But the ship ran into trouble and all of this mans children were drowned.. Except for his wife..he had lost his whole family..He was so broken hearted and later he wrote the old Christian song that many of us have sung in church "it is well, it is well with my soul"..He had taken a ship to the area in the ocean where his 5 daughters had died..and he sang "it is well with my soul"..The Lord doesnt give us more then we can handle..i can say with this old song writer.."it is well with my soul".i think too of the missionary who was standing in line to be burned at the stake..He said to his friend "Hold up one finger when you are burning to tell me that Gods grace is sufficient" ..And the missionary held up 2 fingers to say that  Gods grace is more then sufficient ..last evening i was able to tell my children on facebook..All is well..all is good..things are moving as they shud..and my children responded ..Sleep well Mother..and i did..Yes His grace is sufficient for me. . . .Love Connie Hultquist.

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