Friday, August 29, 2014

Papa's Wisdom

{From the archives of Connie's letters, November, 2011}

Part 1

Good morning Ladies,,,,

Ya know lately i have felt so much peace..i got to
thinkin of Papa..I talked to Johnny on the phone yesterday evening,,God
knows i have felt so bad about his divorce and remarriage...It has ripped
my guts out...But i can hear Papa say,,,"Now Connie,,John isnt the first
guy to ever get a divorce,,Ya gotta love him where he is at".. Oh man it
isnt that i dont love him..Its just that i feel for the family he left
behind...I can hear Papa say.."Well you believed in me when i was
crazy,,you can believe for John too"..Oh yes that was always the rules
around here,,You had to love the prodigal child the most ..Oh mercy ,,,John
called yesterday..His wife will be delivering my grandchild pretty soon
here,,i am happy to have this baby boy..i know Papa is smiling in
Heaven,,Oh that man loved his kids and his grandbabies..But if you were a
mouse in my house and heard my conversation with John you wud have only
heard me laughing,,I love Johnny no matter what he does..He has been out of
work ,,but found a good job just yesterday,,While John was looking for a
good job he worked at this Irish restaurant,,I am, laughing as i write
this,,Well everyone in the restaurant was Spanish speaking,,Well John was
the cook and cudnt understand what they were saying,,Well John is a stand
up comedian anyway,,But to put him in an Irish restaurant with only Spanish
speaking people..? Well he has enuf things to laugh about for yrs,Yesterday
as he left the restaurant the manager said "Are you coming back tomorrow"?
John said "Well not if i dont have to..if i have to i will be back" The
manager said "Oh well most people dont come back"....But John assured the
guy he wud only come back if he was desperate..But when John got home he
found out he had this good paying job at this plastic company ...A branch off
of where John used to work before..Its a good job,,i praise God..Anyway ya
know? i can laugh with John because he is not my problem...He is the Lords
man..i know i cant change anyone and make them do what i want,,I mean if
your child is young and under your roof,,you have to make them behave,,But
when our kids get older it is the Lord that teaches them,,MaryL my mentor
taught me this..i cant stay mad at my kids because they dont do what i
say,,i wont distance myself from them,,I walk with them thru the valley of
the shadows..and Jesus walks with me,,MaryL taught me to love my children
unconditionally...See Satan wants us to let go of our kids and stand back
and not give them our hearts..But all we do when we do that is to
disconnect them from the real answer Jesus Christ..Jim used to tell
me.."Well our kids arent any worse then anyone elses kids.." He hated it
when i was out of sorts with one of our kids..Even if he knew they were
wrong he wud stand up for them,,He figured that since they had a Christian
praying mother that they wud be ok,,He didnt think very highly of
himself..But Jim thot that i wud some how pray them thru..But some how i
leaned on Jim and he gave me back to Jesus..

Part 2

But oh how i miss Papa... i mean we cud be in the worst mess ever,,And i
wud be about ready to faint..And Jim wud say to me,,"Oh we will be alright
Connie"..i wud say,,"Are ya sure Jim"? and he wud say "I am sure "..And he
wud say..."We have been thru more than this and made it"..And ya know if
Jim said that to me i wud believe him,..He wud be outta work...And he wud
say,,"Ya know i will work at a temporary place until i find something
better," It wud be evening and we had worried all day..But come evening
Papa wud shut the house down,,He wud turn on the News and tell me "Connie i
am hungry whats for supper"? In other words he was saying "i dont wanna
talk about this anymore.." And i wud get peaceful and i wud go out to my
kitchen and make Hamburger gravy or Creamed Eggs,,And i wud make biscuits
and i opened up a can of green beans and wud heat them up..And we wud
enjoy this meal in peace...We wud watch tv later on ,,and we didnt talk
about our worries..When Jim closed the discussion then that was it,,But of
course i prayed about it to the Lord.And this is what we need to do,.,,Our
husbands cant change things only God can,,So there is no success in arguing
with our husbands,,But then Papa wud go out the next morning and find some
temporary job waiting for his luck to turn around,,Papa wud talk about LUCK
and i wud say "Not Luck Wildman ,,it Gods blessings.."......Anyway as Jim
wud go out the door the next morning he wud say..."Well pray for me
Connie" i wud say " Oh i will"..i am thinkin ,, "Well yeah"!!!!But Jim wud
come home with some job,,about mid morning,,He wud say ,,"Well its not that
good but it will keep food on the table" And it did...And we lived on this
way for many yrs.My security was never in how much money i had in my
purse,,it was in Jims spirit ..He was the priest of our home,,And i felt
that if Jim said "All is well" then it was..even tho it didnt look too well
to me...i felt that if he said it was was...And this freed me to go on
about my business as wife and mother and keeper of the home..Jim didnt
want for me to carry burdens,,In a way Jim protected me so that i cud hear
the Lord..He treated me as tho i was gifted..And he knew he needed my
prayers,,But i needed Wildman as much as he needed me..

Part 3

And ya know...we never fought over who got what..If there was an over flow
of money some how,,?Jim wud want me to get new shoes or a new coat..And i
wud say "No Honey you use the money on yourself.."I guess its just that we
had been to hell and back...and we just wanted things for each other..i
think we just felt compassion for each other..Well when the kids were young
we put their needs ahead of ours..In the last few days i have told the Lord
as i have since Jim died..."Lord i am so glad i cud take this burden of
being alone without my mate,",i cudnt stand it if i was to think i was
leaving Jim alone." Jim wud be so lonely ..i just cudnt bare it.."This was
a burden that one of us wud have to bear,,i dont feel i did enuf for
Jim...or showed him enuf love..So i am glad to bear this loneliness and
suffering for my husband..It is the last act of love i cud do for my
beloved ...i cudnt let Mary die either,,i loved her so..but oh Papa adored
Mary,,i cudnt have let her go for Papas sake too....And oh he loves Johnny
like Mary .,i wont let him go either for Jims sake..Well he loved all 6 of
the kids with all of his heart,,Each one meant something different to both
of us,,i had one miscarriage..And Papa wrote about it in our Family
Bible.He hated losing that baby..Oh how we cried together for another
baby,,And then we had Mary..Papa was getting old as we were having the
final 3 babies..And oh how he wished that his life had been right when he
had the first 3.."I was a fool" he wud say,,,"But Connie prayed for me and
God heard her prayin".. Oh i wudnt have had it any other way,,i loved Jim
and prayed for him for my own sake,,I cudnt live without him...At 19 yrs
old i married my Jim and he was 25 yrs old..And we started a journey
together..and we were married almost 40 connie

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your Vegetable Gardens

Dear Mothers,

Well finally we are getting some rain in Iowa...Chuck came and picked the corn brot it home and froze it..Bonni froze corn for me too...i think she said she froze 4 gallons for her family ..and 4 for me. I pray the Lord blesses Bonni and Chuck for all of their work..i learned to plant corn.. that was a fun experience..,i have never planted corn before..I have always mulched with hay..But Chuck used straw not hay.To me that was better..My tomatoes turned out really well..When you plant your tomatoes just make sure they are really watered well.Like they shud be wet deep down in the about 4 inches or more deep...Then mulch them with hay of straw...If you mulch really good then the moisture stays in the plant if you have weeks without rain the plant will still grow because of the deep moisture..Thats how my tomatoes did so well..Jill gardens this way.And in the 1980s we had a drought and Jill had an 18 inch around  tomato..Mulching just means that you put hay or grass or straw or whatever around your plant to keep the moisture in the plant..Ruth Stout really made this popular back in the 70s and 80s i think..She made huge gardens and never tilled the soil..In the Spring she wud lay straw on her a foot deep..Then she wud part the hay and plant the tomato plants.Then water the plant well..Then push the hay close to the stem .But if you are having a wet spring..that wont work the tomatoes will rot from all the moisture.So just push the hay away from the plant and give it air..I used to lay newspaper around my plants after planting ..if it was a wet spring..Newspapers work well because the paper decomposes pretty fast ..i have a friend that used alot of newspaper in her garden for mulch and her garden dirt was fluffy..that was some garden.Also newspaper has something in it that keeps bugs Connie

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Husband as a Warrior and Fighter

{From the archives of Connie's letters, November, 2011}

Dear Mothers,,

ya know ,,its funny..But lately i have been giving Jims
testimony..But again as i said before,,he is hard to explain,,And yet there
is a truth in there that i want to get out,,i thot if i wrote it i wud some
how get it straight so i cud explain Jim..A few days ago the Lord had me and
my friend talk to this young couple about getting married ...They are
living together and have one child and one on the way,,I gave them mine and
Jims testimony,,,and about our healed marriage..Then i went on to explain
how Jim became new after he got saved..Well the story of Jim before he was
saved kept the kids riveted for sure,,But as i see it but cant exactly
explain it,,it goes like this,Jim was a warrior and fighter before he got
saved,,And some how he brot this warrior mentality into his Christian
life,,Before he met the Lord he some how looked past me,,i was like a fly
on the wall,,Honestly had i dropped dead he wudnt have shed a tear,,I am
not exaggerating,,And after he came to the Lord..i became his treasure..Jim
became a warrior ..a fighter for his family..This is what is hard to
explain..who Jim became.......He sure didnt become like any Christian man i
ever saw,,My boys to some degree have picked up on Jims personality,,i hope
they get all of who Jim was..Like Jim wud tell people "My wife dont need to
work,,she has worked enuf"...Even after the children grew up he didnt want
me to work..He wanted me to be with him most of the time,,i think Jim
became who alot of young men will have to become or they wont make it..It
seemed that Jim armed himself to be a fighter for his wife and children,,, Jim
rarely ever put any of us down or tried to degrade us..Even if John was in
trouble ..Jim wud build John up...John was ours and that was it,,And if i
put one of the kids down for what they did ,,Jim wud tell me i was
wrong..But if the young men of today cud really understand who Jim was
after he got saved they wud find that knowing the Lord is truly an
adventure,, Love Connie

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Real Homemade Corn Syrup

i live in Iowa ..and this is where alot of the country's corn comes from..So i will freeze some corn and also make corn syrup..I just put the cleaned ears of corn in a big pan and i bring it to a boil on the stove..i let it cook a few minutes..Then i take it out and cut the kernals off with a big knife..i put it in ziplock bags and thats it.Its ready for the freezer..ok then measure the water you cooked the corn in...Then put it through a colander to get all of the leftover corn, or whatever, out..So say its about 6 cups of water you had left..prolly more like 4 or 5..Anyway if it is 4 cups of the corn water strained then put in 4 cups of sugar in the pan with the 4 cups of water..And you bring this water and sugar to a boil and then let it cook a while..Keep stirring it until it thickens and is like pancake syrup..You may want to add a lil salt and some vanilla..Maybe a lil nutmeg..when its done just put it in the frig and it will thicken..You cud just put it in a big jar for the frig..The kids will eat it on pancakes if you dont tell them its corn connie

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Happenings in my Iowa Cornfield

Mr. Possom Loves Corn

Dear ladies, well i wondered what critter was eating my corn...Well i think alot of critters were eating the corn..i think maybe it was deer .Also we put a live trap out and we caught a big possom..Granny on the HillBilly show wud know how to fix a possom ..but i pass on that one..No possom soup for me..well i tried to set the possom free because i didnt think the possom cud do all that much damage..But now as i think back on it..i think maybe it cud.Well so my neighbor came over and he let it go..As the possom ran out i know he was thinkin."First they put me in a cage then they let me out"...well anyway Jimmy called last evenng from Australia..i was telling him about Possom..and how i ask the neighbor to help me with getting the Possom out of the trap..Jimmy has this dry wit and he said "Well Mom were fortunate to be able to call someone who knew all about possoms." Oh the lowly possom...Well its a live trap..You trap the possom then you take him out to the county and let him dont hurt him any..Well yesterday morning after i saw Possem was caged Christiane Joy called..She got all upset and said the possom wud starve to death..Then Mary called and said he was prolly dying of thirst...i was going to leave him in the trap for a while to see if i thot it was a possom that ate alot of my corn..But i did nt want the ugly creature to suffer..Then the neighbor wanted to kill it with a shovel..i said "Well what if you just wounded it and it ran off with half its head gone?'so we just let him go.He ran right for the corn..Chuck said next year he wud put up an electric fence..Then Mary and Christian will cry for the possom if he gets Connie

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Cowboys

Part 1  Learning to Walk in the Spirit

Good Morning Ladies,Just want to write a few thots on marriage.It seems so many think that the scriptures on marriage mean nothing..Titus 2 basically says that the older women shud teach the young women to be sober minded ..They shud teach them to love their husbands and love their children that the Word of God be not blasphemed..Well yes the Word has been blasphemed through the church..See Joyce Myers seems harmless enuf..But we dont have the Proverbs 31 woman to balance her out..i know Joyce preaches on why she couldnt be the virtuous woman..She gets the audience to laughing what? the virtuous woman.. As a young wife and mother i learned the fruits of the Spirit through housewifery ..I learned patience through motherhood...Dying to self comes naturally to a mother who is up every nite all nite taking care of a sick baby.Gal 5;22 .The fruit of the Spirit is Love , Joy, Peace , longsuffering , Gentleness, goodness and faith. . Meekness, temperance, against such there is no law. verse 25 says ..And if we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit..

Part 2   Marriage

Marriage is a covenant ..its a spiritual law and a physical law..its even a law of the land..Thats why you have to go to court to get a divorce..This law means less and less in our world today..But back in the 1950s when i was growing up was much harder to get a divorce.Then someone changed the law and the courts said you cud get a divorce for mental cruelty...But you had to prove it..And as time went on then it was easier and easier to prove..and now you can get a Divorce over anything..What i see happening in Christiandom is the wife puts up with her husband for a while.then she gets bitter and divorces him..Jesus said that He allows Divorce because of hard hearts..Not for freedom..but because our hearts get bitter with unforgiveness...and that bitterness is dangerous to a believer..Ya know too when you marry it is a contract..between you and God..and your husband..It says the contract can only be broken thru death..

Part 3  All is Well

Ya know i fight daily to keep on going..Yesterday as i prayed i saw clearly ..that if i didnt give up i wud see His glory..Oh i know this ..yes...i have seen this before..But it is a fight to stay up ..and to understand that weeping last for the nite but JOY comes in the Morning..But ya know? Jesus has rescued me many times..and oh the Victories have been grand..Its like when ya dont give up and you keep goin ..the Lord shows you things..Like He shows me so clearly once the smoke has cleared He seems to say ""Connie i was there all the time.." So long ago as i suffered in my marriage..i had no idea that Jesus was with me..But then NOW i see my writings going to over 80 countries..In those yrs of such brokenness i wud pray for Kenya in Africa..i had no idea i wud ever meet someone from Kenya..And i did hear from Kenya in an email..A lady said she wanted to be friends..But God heard my prayers...I just felt so alone in my early days of walking with  God..But truly He never left me ..He was with me in those dark days..He watches us in the arenas of life..he protects us,,Each days manna is perfect enuf for that day.Truly all is well and all is good things are moving as they shud..

Part 4  Our Cowboys

Ya know Ladies ? Mercy when i think of our world..well our USA..? i think "Oh what a mess"..But what an opportunity to be a weapon in the hands of the Lord. To build a strong nation we need strong homes..To change a country we need good mothers..But what i believe is the greatest need is men who are strong and wise..and ladies we are throwing these guys out the door by the truck loads..and our society is all for it..Every man is a supposed verbal abuser...i mean yes some men are verbal abusers ..and the wife is being destroyed by him..But i am speaking to the every day family..All men are not evil..Back in the cowboy days ..the bad guy cud always be won over by the lady of the hour..Folks wud say "Well Rose will tame him down,,wait until he is married and has a couple kids ,,that will tame him.." The woman was put up on a pedestal..She was the Angel, the guardian of the kitchen..She was the STAR of the Home..Now days is different..The Cowboy is told when and where he can ride his horse or if he can at all..and its sad..i never heard my mother tell my dad to clean up the house or do the wash..Dad took care of us when Mom was sick or something,,,But to give him regular housework to do..? never..!! How can women do that ? How unromantic..i mean if he wants to do it then fine..But to work all day and come home to a wife who expects him to vacuum ? Oh thats awful..the big lie is that womens housework is not important..womens work is important..Mother shud stay home and tend to her own business..her children ..

Part 5    Jesus is Lord

Anyway the Bible tells we mothers to honor our reverence and praise them..That they are as Jesus Christ in the home..We are to submit to them..".Well what if he comes in drunk "?Well if he dangerous then call the police,,if he is quiet about it,,then go on about your business and pray about it..If you stay out of sin when he comes in ....then thats good..The Lord sees all these things..But the main thing is that we build a spiritual Christian home..We need to commit to this...To build Christian homes..To change our Nation we need to change our minds ..Do we want a Christian Nation? Well it will be one home at a time..Our nation now is in such deep sin....its a wonder we havent been destroyed yrs ago.So far what has happened to our nation because we havnt obeyed God..?Millions of children have been aborted by their MOTHERS..Not to mention many children are raped and beatin half to death..We are raiseing generations of women who dont care about their own children,..They have to be reminded not to leave their kids in a locked car in hot weather ,,,and the babies suffocate..Oh God help us..! Wouldnt it be easier to obey Gods laws? Wouldnt it be easier to take the lower seat in humility...then to worry about womens rights ? Because believe me dear will bow day you will bow to a man ..His name is Jesus Christ!!!! Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is connie

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Controlling Husband

Ya know on tv you hear women throw around the phrase, "Well my husband is controlling.." Well of course he is ..he is a man..Men love to tell the little woman what to do....

Ya know when we had troubles in our marriage husband didnt even notice me hardly..He didnt even come home from work to boss me around..He lied to me and hurt me deep inside..He didnt care what i thot as long as i stayed out of his way...

But then one nite as he was doin time in prison, an angel appeared in his cell...It was in the 1970s..There were riots in the prison for a few months..Guards were held hostage..The prison was on the News every day..People were being killed was terrible.But that is when Jim came to the Lord...

Other experiences led to his decision to give his life to the Lord..but this was one of them too....But when Jim had done his time he came home a new man..Praise God !!!...

As a new man in Christ he had an opinion..and he let me see his heart...i was so glad he became controlling..i wanted someone to care enuf for me to have an opinion..and to care about what i did..and what the children did.

Thank God for men who are controlling and can be strong enuf to make a decision..and take the leadership place in the connie

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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Wounded Heart and The Promised Land

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, March, 2012.}

Part 1    To Live is Christ and to Die is Gain

Dear Mothers,,it seems so many are going thru such emotional trauma...
Rarely does God use a person who has not gone thru something..We dont learn much in the days of prosperity,,We learn to follow God in the days of darkness and despair..As we cry out to
God we pull on the hem of His garmet..He hears us as virtue goes out of
Him...The Broken Heart seems to need Him all the time..The wounded heart
crys out to God.. and He is touched by the feelings of our infirmities..We
finally see that the world has no answers for us..and we learn to turn only
unto God...No matter how many people are around us we feel alone..And the
Lord in all of this is teaching us that there is only one God..In this way
He shows us that He alone is the only one who has the power to mend our
hearts..He kept trying to talk to us but we cudnt hear Him..And now with
everything so dark about us we Hear the Lord..He calls us to His table and
tells us He will supply all of our needs according to His riches in
Glory..The lesson is from the Lord is "Follow Me and only Me"..He has come
to bind up the broken heart and to set the captive free..He is our
emotional healer..He uses our broken hearts to show us great and mighty
things ...He says "Call on Me and i will answer you and show you great and
mighty things that you not of.." As we begin to see only Him..As we gaze
upon Him and only see the world out the corner of our eyes then He has our
attention,,He pulls us into Place..He calls us to the Secret Place of the
Most High God..He begins to share His life with us..The Bible says "For me
to live is Christ and to die is gain.." Our flesh has to die so that Christ
can live in us..MaryL used to tell me,,"Connie we go through cycles or
seasons all the time,,The Lord shows us our sinful flesh and we deal with
it thru a death experience,,And then after we die to ourselves then He
raises us up to walk in a newness of life.." We died upon the cross with
Christ and then we were raised up ..The Bible says "For i am crucified with
Christ,,Never the less i live..And the life i now live i live by the
faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave His life for me..But the
death experience doesnt last forever,,It is one of the steps to the
abundant life,,The Lord calls us thru our brokeness to a banquet table
where all of our needs are met according to His riches in Glory.

Part 2   The Promised Land

Once we have lived in such heartache and confusion ? Its hard to realize
that we are going THROUGH a problem ..The heart ache is not the answer God
has given us..But it is a step to the abundant life..Oh how we wrestle with
God ..We are as little birds with broken wings..We hop on a branch and
wait for the wind to blow so that we can take flight to fly like an
eagle.We refuse to REST..or TRUST in the Lord...We cry and fight the Lord
and confess our wing is not broken but it is broken.. We think there has to
be an answer to this and yet there is not..And the little broken wing 
hurts..And in the night we cry and cry to God and show Him our
brokeness,,We wake up the next morning and all is the same,,we think,,But
it is not all the same,..We are dying to self..its the death experience
like what Jesus went thru on the Cross..We cry and pray as Christ did in
the Garden,"Lord i cant drink from this cup"...And at Our Cross we cry out
"Lord ,,Lord why have you forsaken me"?..This is our death,,If you can
understand your trials then it isnt a death experience,,If you have no
control it is the death experience..If all you have to show to God is empty
hands,,its the death experience,..And the Lord then raises us up to walk in
newness of life..Old things will pass away,,And behold all things become
new,,We now enter a land of Milk and Honey..the Promised Land.. The Giants
are Big..But we have been thru the fire and thru the flood..And we learned
in the Valleys of Depression that God is our Provider..We have been
purified with many trials and afflictions,,We are no longer afraid of
Giants..We are now afraid of not doing His will..He has shared with us His
secrets..He who dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High will abide
under the shadow of the Almighty..In the Secret Place where we came to
cry,,the Lord has healed us...And now..we mount up on wings as an EAGLE.We
run and are not weary..we walk and do not faint...

Part 3  The Promised Land

But ya know it seems the trial was so long and the way so dark.We think
the darkness will never go away,,Even tho we have been delivered and placed
into the Promised Land,,But it does go away,,The Lord will give you new
armor..and you will walk in a newness of life..God will show you all of the
Promised Land..It is the Secret Place...Psalm 90;15 Make us glad according
to the days wherein thou has afflicted us..and the years wherein we have
seen evil....Love connie

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Serious Talk on a Covenant Marriage

Part 1  Marriage

Lately i am so surprised how the teachings on marriage are so watered down ..not to mention that most of the teachings are even a form of witchcraft..Rebellion is the same as Witchcraft...A Christian marriage is to be a Covenant marriage..its a promise you made to God that you wud be faithful until death..Then Christian women tell me ."Well Oprah said this or that." well when did Oprah get right with the Lord"? She has a live in boyfriend ...come on ladies !!! Then people tell me that they read all the books on verbal abuse...and these people know whats up[supposedly}...Um who is our King of kings and Lord of Lords?Last i heard there was a scripture that reads "every knee shall bow and tongue confess that JESUS IS LORD TO THE GLORY OF GOD. Gods Word is being blasphemed to the worst degree..Simple truths in the Word are no longer important in todays churches..This thing about verbal abuse...What a piece of crap this is..Ok i thot the feminists were  supposed to be as strong or stronger than men? Yet if her husband ask her to pick up a toothpick and hand it to him she wud coil and cry and say her husband was trying to make a slave out of her..

Part 2  Marriage

The Feminist says she can do anything a man can..Well except she cant take any kind of a different opinion ..Her opinion is the one God told her was right..supposedly..No one has the right to take a womans mind..Your mind is your own,,i mean someone can come and tell me apples are oranges all day and nite..i may say politely.."Oh isnt that nice" But no one can make me believe it..I am responsible for my own mind..The Bible says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities and wickedness in high places..i mean some of you women have been opened up to Satan..You think you need to fight your husbands but it is the devil you need to come against..Satan is your enemy..Marriage is a holy union..we must honor it..I know some women are really verbally abused...But most are not..But all the women i talk to act like they have to make sure their husband does the dishes as much as they do...etc,,It doesnt matter that he works a full  time job..These wives have been sold a bale of hay...and they just follow the first wing nut who tells them they are a bused because they cant watch tv all day..You women are treating your husbands like they are children and must he watched or he might do something he likes to play golf..? its crazy..and ya know something..we as women are gonna pay in the end for the way we have treated our men..We as women have wonderful gifts that teach us to be keepers at home..We are to teach our husbands and children as we walk out the meek and quiet Spirit...

Part 3   Our Beloved Homes

We live in such hard times....its so hard to be with mothers who use the word Fu--.. in every sentence and in front of their children...i cry every day for our country to change..But i dunno..If it gets more and more will we live in it..? Lets not let the home go down without a fight..."If my People who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray...Then I will heal their land.."Its the Christians in this scripture that are called to do humble themselves and pray...not the unbeliever..we as believers can change our country..we used to be a Christian Nation...A Nation is made up of homes,,A true Godly Nation is made up of Christian homes who are called by His Name..July 16th our David died..It has changed our lives..It made us love the ones left behind more then ever..Of course its only been a few months, since he has been gone,,i dont know yet what will all come out of all of us will change..But our Country  of America..!!! oh it has to change..The Mothers in our country used to be our first teachers..Lord please call teachers to call back the mothers whose hearts are teachable and able to learn ......let us know, Lord, our places in connie

* Order Connie's book, "Dear Kitchen Saints," available on Amazon. It is autobiographical and tells the beautiful story of her marriage testimony!* 

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Morning Homemaking Visit

Good Morning Ladies,

Lately i have been thinking about Household schedules again...Ya know when i was a young housewife i used this schedule from this little book a friend gave to me...One of the most important things i read from this book was this......Start your evening meal preparations right after breakfast...Like for me today..i plan to have Sloppy Joes for supper this evening..and a Pasta salad...So i will fry the hamburgar and cook the pasta this morning..Tomorrow afternoon i am having 2 friends over for lunch..I have to vacuum livingroom and dining room and scrub the bathroom etc...So i am going to make the Salad and the sloppy Joe mix this morning..while doing my cleaning....That way i can make an evening Sloppy Joe sandwich to see if it is good enuf for company .Haha! No.. i am making enuf for several meals...along .with the Pasta Salad too.... Another easy fun thing to do is to just clean the kitchen and scrub the kitchen floor as  you cook,, each day..i used to always have a sink load of dishes to wash when i got up in the morning,,So most of the time i had to wash the dishes before i cud cook..No big deal,,just do it...............................ok heres the recipe for the Sloppy Joes...Now i must tell you... this friend of the kids said these were the best Sloppy Joes he ever had,,A pound of cooked hamburgar mixed with a can of tomato soup is all it is...Heat it up of course..Well that is a simple recipe ..and with 6 kids thats all the time i had .on some days...But now that i have more time i wud put a squirt of mustard in it...Some pepper and a lil brown sugar and salt ..just a bit...And the macaroni salad is so simple..Just cook the macaroni and when its done just put it in a bowl,..Put in alot of raw cut up veggies and add Italian dressing ..Stir it up and put in frig to let the flavors mix together..and to chill.. For veggies i will put in a red tomato from my
garden..and a purple onion..Broccoli and yellow and orange peppers...Have a good day connie

* Order Connie's book, "Dear Kitchen Saints," available on Amazon. It is autobiographical and tells the beautiful story of her marriage testimony!* 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lecture on the Commitment of Marriage

Dear Wives,

There is so much false teaching on marriage's pretty simple's like, are you going to stay married because what? Husband is still cute..? or he still supports us ? ..Or he is a good father? Or what? Well all of these answers will work for a while..i mean to keep you married for a while...Until your husband isnt cute, but bald..or a good Father, or whatever..But the answer for the believer shud be that you will stay married because you promised God that you wud,,

It's a commitment to Jesus that you will stay married until one of you dies..

What God has joined together let no man separate.. "No" means some outside person like in adultery.......But also it means not you or your husband shud separate..i mean i think you can agree to separate for a while to fast and pray..But then you are to doesn't mean, "Oh good my husband got drunk last nite, i can marry my neighbor."

And sure i wud separate from a man who was a danger to my children or to me..But this stuff about verbal abuse is a heeehaw riot to me...What are some of you thinking..?

These women that are too pansy a-- to stand up for themselves, at least in there thots ....i mean enuf to know you aren't who this nut says you are..You arent stupid or lazy or whatever he calls you....come on girls, get a spine..Stand up for JESUS..

What are you gonna do when the rubber hits the road and we have to make a statement for Christ?..Are you going to deny Christ and call Him a verbal abuser? If you cant stand up to some poor bum who has lucked out as your husband, "just a human being" made of muscle and blood...? Then how will you stand up to a demon? And guess what our generation will probably see demons,,,And guess what you better get familiar with the full armor of God in Ephesians..and satan wont run and hide from you when you call the name of Oprah...He will only run when you call the name of JESUS...Our husbands are as  Jesus in our homes..Honor Him in your home..Take directions from him..Let the redeemed of the Lord say so..Love connie

  * Order Connie's book, "Dear Kitchen Saints," available on Amazon. It is autobiographical and tells the beautiful story of her marriage testimony!* 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mom and her Sisters in the 1950's

Part 1 Mom and Aunt Eileen

My Mother had such a sense of humor when we kids were young..One time when we were going to visit moms sister Eileen..My mom said "Well Eileen ask me to pick up 3 sandwiches from that new restaurant up town and bring them for our lunch.." Then Mom looks me square in the eye and says"Well now Eileen wont pay me for these sandwiches..she will make me pay for them some how."..I said "Oh Mom you always say that" ..Anyway so we buy the sandwiches and bring them to Eileens house..Mom is still crabbin about the sandwiches as we walked up to Eileens door...So we greet Eileen and come in the house and sit down..We had our sandwiches and all.. Then Eileen speaks up "Now Velma{my mom} how much were the sandwiches? i need to pay you"..and Mom says "Now Eileen i already paid for the sandwiches".........Eileen says "No Velma was my turn to pay for how much was it"?And mom says "I didnt pay any attention to how much it was..just forget it" so Eileen got sick of arguing about it and said "Well thanks Velma..but next time its my turn to pay"...So we ate our lunch and on the way back home Mom looks at me and says "See i told ya didnt i that Eileen wudnt pay for those sandwiches"..So that was the life and ways of my aunt Eileen and Mom..

Part 2  Southern Belles

Our son Jimmy always said his grandmother and mother were like southern Bells...Mom {Velma} wud serve Apple pie in the livingroom..And as were getting ready to eat it Mom wud say to Jimmy...." Jimmy wudnt you like some vanilla icecream on your pie"? and Jimmy wud say "No Thanks Grandma"..Pretty soon we all caught on and said to Mom"Mom wud you like some icecream on your pie"?..To this she said "Well yes i wud take just a little bit of icecream on my pie..Mom had gotten older and wasnt feeling the best..So she didnt feel like getting up..But she was hoping someone else was going to have a bit of icecream on their pie..That way she cud chime in and take" just a little" icecream on her pie...Jimmy said that Gramma always ask him a question...Like "Jimmy are you going to wear those pants to school? they arent dirty are they.?.Maybe a little smudged in the back "?Jimmy always said the women in Iowa were more soft spoken then the ones from NYC,,.i was times..But i knew how to get attention.....Well it was about 1950 ..Mom had heard on the radio about KID NAPPERS..i was about 3 or 4 yrs old..i was out in the yard playing and for no reason i screamed my head off ..just to get attention i think...So mom was in the back of the house cleaning and heard me screaming outside..She came running out and grabbed me...and held me...Why were you screaming ? "she asked me.. i said" i didnt know" Well Mom thot i was being kidnapped...

Part 3  Aunt Lucille

Mothers other sister was Aunt Lucille..One time mom ask her to babysit for me and my brother Scott....Well Lucille had a daughter who was 5..a son mike who was 2 i was 3 and scott was a baby...So at lunch time Lucille sees that she doesnt have bread..She was goin to make hot dog gravey with cherry Kool-aid.."Our Favorite".Well Diane was sick and the oldest..So she cudnt go to the store for bread,,So Aunty has me go to to the store..since i am the next oldest..i am all of 3 yrs old..Aunty put Mike in the window to report on me,,,He is 2 and says "Mom ..Connie is goin the wrong way"..Well i never did get to the store,,i just walked around all day..That evening as i was reported missing.... a woman found me in front of her house..and called the police..Mom thot i had been kidnapped.......The police brot me home on their motor cycle...i sure had fun,,They bot me an icecream cone too,,When i saw Mom i was so glad..i jumped into her arms and wrapped my
legs around her waist...i didnt want to let her connie

* Order Connie's book, "Dear Kitchen Saints," available on Amazon. It is autobiographical and tells the beautiful story of her marriage testimony!* 


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