Monday, August 11, 2014

Serious Talk on a Covenant Marriage

Part 1  Marriage

Lately i am so surprised how the teachings on marriage are so watered down ..not to mention that most of the teachings are even a form of witchcraft..Rebellion is the same as Witchcraft...A Christian marriage is to be a Covenant marriage..its a promise you made to God that you wud be faithful until death..Then Christian women tell me ."Well Oprah said this or that." well when did Oprah get right with the Lord"? She has a live in boyfriend ...come on ladies !!! Then people tell me that they read all the books on verbal abuse...and these people know whats up[supposedly}...Um who is our King of kings and Lord of Lords?Last i heard there was a scripture that reads "every knee shall bow and tongue confess that JESUS IS LORD TO THE GLORY OF GOD. Gods Word is being blasphemed to the worst degree..Simple truths in the Word are no longer important in todays churches..This thing about verbal abuse...What a piece of crap this is..Ok i thot the feminists were  supposed to be as strong or stronger than men? Yet if her husband ask her to pick up a toothpick and hand it to him she wud coil and cry and say her husband was trying to make a slave out of her..

Part 2  Marriage

The Feminist says she can do anything a man can..Well except she cant take any kind of a different opinion ..Her opinion is the one God told her was right..supposedly..No one has the right to take a womans mind..Your mind is your own,,i mean someone can come and tell me apples are oranges all day and nite..i may say politely.."Oh isnt that nice" But no one can make me believe it..I am responsible for my own mind..The Bible says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities and wickedness in high places..i mean some of you women have been opened up to Satan..You think you need to fight your husbands but it is the devil you need to come against..Satan is your enemy..Marriage is a holy union..we must honor it..I know some women are really verbally abused...But most are not..But all the women i talk to act like they have to make sure their husband does the dishes as much as they do...etc,,It doesnt matter that he works a full  time job..These wives have been sold a bale of hay...and they just follow the first wing nut who tells them they are a bused because they cant watch tv all day..You women are treating your husbands like they are children and must he watched or he might do something he likes to play golf..? its crazy..and ya know something..we as women are gonna pay in the end for the way we have treated our men..We as women have wonderful gifts that teach us to be keepers at home..We are to teach our husbands and children as we walk out the meek and quiet Spirit...

Part 3   Our Beloved Homes

We live in such hard times....its so hard to be with mothers who use the word Fu--.. in every sentence and in front of their children...i cry every day for our country to change..But i dunno..If it gets more and more will we live in it..? Lets not let the home go down without a fight..."If my People who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray...Then I will heal their land.."Its the Christians in this scripture that are called to do humble themselves and pray...not the unbeliever..we as believers can change our country..we used to be a Christian Nation...A Nation is made up of homes,,A true Godly Nation is made up of Christian homes who are called by His Name..July 16th our David died..It has changed our lives..It made us love the ones left behind more then ever..Of course its only been a few months, since he has been gone,,i dont know yet what will all come out of all of us will change..But our Country  of America..!!! oh it has to change..The Mothers in our country used to be our first teachers..Lord please call teachers to call back the mothers whose hearts are teachable and able to learn ......let us know, Lord, our places in connie

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Anonymous said...

Yes, amen! Thank you, Connie! Love, Katherine

JES said...

So true! Talk show hosts have a higher influence than God's word in marriage and all other parts of our lives (very unfortunate). Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!


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