Friday, November 10, 2023

Papa's Car

Connie's Kitchen

 {From the Archives of Connie's Letters, September 2007.}

Dear Mothers,

 Oh man yesterday I had to take my Mom to the hospital for tests. . Nothing to do with anything but..well she has a lot of good insurance and they give her tests on tests and don't even know what they do with the tests..they lose them..But I have to drive Papa's car over to her house to take her car and her to the hospital.."I don't ride in any car that doesn't have air conditioning," she tells me ..So I have to drive this nice car with all the windows up, barefoot as the dang thing actually has good breaks..and runs like a top.. And God knows as soon as my tour of duty is over I can't wait to get out to Papa's car and escape through the woods as I drive.."That's against the law," the queen yells..

In Papa's car I have to drive with the widows down as the muffler has a whole in it and my brother told me I would get asphyxiated if I drove with the windows up..I will get it all fixed before winter. Anyway Papa always drove with the window down anyway..even in the winter.. Always smokin and blowin the smoke out the window..When ya drive that car ya work at it as if you had pedals to push under the car.. But that's how Jim and I lived all the time anyway.. And I am just used to workin at drivin the car..

Well I didn't have a license for 38 years so I was never exactly at peace when I drove anyway..But now that I must chauffeur the queen, I must be legal.. 

My neighbor Chuck who mows my lawn with a tractor accidentally backed into Papa's car a few months ago . .But we deserved it as we had at least 3 or 4 trees fall into Chuck's yard when storms came..So I told him we were now even..He said he was ok with that..Well Jim would always go over and clean Chuck's yard after the trees fell in it...But ya know I never feel Jim's presence quite so keen as I feel it in his car.. "Oh Papa I could never get rid of that car." 

Love Connie


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Amelia said...

...Very touching.

Her down-to-earth writing is a blessing and makes me smile... I so hear her heart on Jim's presence.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for publishing more of Connie's writings. So needed.⛄❄️🌲