Monday, March 17, 2014

Thoughts on the Feminist Movement

This morning i was thinking about the feminist movement..Well it is on the educational channel ...on tv Public Broadcasting System...i never want to listen to that because its such a lie..But the Feminists seem to be rolling right over the top of we Christians..We all know Feminism is wrong ..but we dont know why its wrong for the most part.Lately i have been listening to Lady preachers myself.And i have thot to myself 'Well whats the big deal?" But since i am in trouble all the time ..i want to be sure i dont have any sin in my life..

Then i saw this..It isnt what we as women do.. its what we neglect to do..Any woman who doesnt stand up for the rights of children in this age shud be ashamed of themselves..And if you can get a crowd to listen to you why wudnt you speak first for the children who cant speak for themselves..? The Lord keeps showing me the folks who are on His side..It isnt the Democrats or the a whole..Ya know we can protest with signs etc...But if it has no truth it has no truth..It is the" John the Baptists" that will bring a Revolution..John was raised mainly by his mother..Can you see his mom Elisabeth telling John to marry a woman who will get a good job so she can help support the family? Elisabeth was a godly wife and mother..John was raised in the wilderness..Mary .Jesus mother was blessed among women..We may pick Joyce Myers to be the most blessed among woman..But the lord picked Mary who kept her eyes on the Father..she was plain and simple. . .love Connie

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