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Mother is Keeper of Christmas

Connie's Kitchen

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters. December 22, 2009.}


Mother is keeper at home, and keeper of Christmas. . . The guardian angel of home.

  I have heard families say, after the old fashioned mother died,"Why doesn't anyone want to get together for Christmas anymore?" Well in the old days, Mother always brought everyone together. She would invite everyone home for the holidays. When she died, then an older sister would carry on the family tradition.. But someone always took on the role as guardian of the home and family. Someone would take the role of Mother and gather the family up and love them and call them home. 

 I remember back as a child. . I mean on Christmas? You had Christmas with the family. . . And Mom invited family and anyone around us who needed a place to come for Christmas.  If I asked to bring someone no one knew, Mom would say, "Well sure, tell 'em to come on ahead.  Everyone is welcome."

Oh the women cooked and cooked.  The aunts brought pies galore. We children couldn't wait for Christmas. The families back then were so fenced into family and traditions. . Mother made sure that each year the traditions were followed to the letter. . Mother was the keeper of family traditions. And we children knew what to expect and that made us feel content and happy and loved.

On Christmas eve, we children got to open one present. Then on Christmas morning we opened our other gifts. . About a week before Christmas, one of the aunts or my mother would have the Christmas dinner and Christmas gift exchange for the relatives. But the eve of Christmas and Christmas day was private, Just my Dad and Mom and we kids. It was a sacred day for just us. Mom and Dad weren't religious. But in our home, family was very important.

And ya know family traditions wont just show up and hit ya over the head.They have to be planned and decided on by the mother in the home. Almost like making a covenant with God to be faithful to love your family. . . To show Christian love and care. . And some families don't have a strong mother to take this role. And so we as wives need to take up this place.. and be the keepers of Christmas Homes.

Can we pretend to adore Baby Jesus in the manger at Christmas and not love our brothers and sisters who are right in front of us? Dear Keepers at home, let's somehow, this year, put our Aprons on and make a Christmas for our loved ones. . Let's build some landmarks of traditions like walls of protection for our children.  Isn't this how we would truly worship the living Christ and remember His birthday? By loving one another and serving those who He died for?

 Let's celebrate His life with love and a heart warming home. . A home where Mother is keeper of Christmas.


Love Connie



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Amelia said...

Beautiful encouragement for us homemakers. Thank you for bringing things this Christmas to True North. ...Just beautiful. May our Lord be glorified.

Rose said...

Just beautiful. I just hang on every word. Please, if you have more writings..could you publish them? Possibly another book?
Thank you and God bless.💝🙏