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Hardworking Husband and Head of the House

Connie's Kitchen

 {From the Archives of Connie's Letters, April 2012.}

 Part 1

 Our Spiritual Journey in our marriage seemed to go from the deepest part of the ocean to the gates of Heaven.We were doing really well or we were giving up. .

In the 1970's we lived in this cute lil house. . It was just Jim and I and our son Jimmy who was about 4 yrs old. . Jim took a job that was about 7 miles away. . . We had no car.. I think Jim sold our car for some reason I forget now. . Anyway this husband of mine would have to start his walk to work about 2 hrs before he had to be there. . . He had to be to work in Marion at 11:00 in the evening. . He worked nights at a bakery a town away. . So anyway he would get off work the next morning at about 7:00. . or 8:00 when all the bakery produce was made. . So it was winter and if he couldn't find a way to work he would walk to work. And most of the time he did walk to work. . No buses around here ran this late. . 

My parents were always mad at Jim for leaving the family etc. . But my dad said when He found out that Jim walked to work mostly every day in the snow. . Dad said "Well the guy has some good in him to walk to work every day in this freezing cold weather." My Dad always provided for our family. . so Dad appreciated Jim's spirit knowing what it was like to be tired after work after being on your feet for 8 or more hrs. . ."Then to have to walk home?" This was before Jim was saved. . . My Dad's words sure were an encouragement to Jim and I . . We were young at the time. . . I was only about 23 yrs old and Jim was about 29. . . 

I remember I would fix us a snack before he left for work in the evening. . . Usually we had popcorn and Kool-aid and we would watch it snow out the kitchen window. . . I would worry about him walking so far to work in the snow. But he would always say. ."Connie I will be ok.". . . He always told me, no matter what kind of mess we were in. . "Connie we will be ok."


Part 2 (A message taken from the archives of Connie's writings, October 2013)


 I think it is my forever burden about the heads of house holds and the burden I have for them in our country. . I cry out for the women  of our country to encourage our men to listen to God without a Word spoken to our husbands.......We need to pray for our country...for our children and for our connie


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Angie said...

So glad I found this site with some of Connie's writings on it!! I was part of her yahoo group for several years and now a very close friend to Connie's friend of many years "Aunt Toots".

Anonymous said...

I truly pray we could possibly get more Mother Connie writings here?
God bless..and thank you for what's is here.

Mrs. White said...

Angie, so glad you found this blog! God bless!

Anonymous, Yes, I can work more on that as time allows. Thank you for asking. It is good to know people are visiting and reading! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! God bless you, Mrs. White.🌻